S3XBOT is currently in beta.  S3XBOT is a wellness and health platform intended for committed partners, and any use of the platform outside its intended use violates the Terms of Service.

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Elevate Your Bedroom Repertoire with S3XBOT Assistants

Looking for sexual health and wellness assistance while preserving your privacy? S3X bots are trained on a variety of topics from HER/HIS health issues impacting libido or performance as well as tools to spice up your love life.  25 Pre-trained bots are ready to assist.

A better way to connect with your partner(s).

S3XBOT isn’t only about one’s individual sexual health but our pre-trained collection of AI assistants help spice up your interactions and help you achieve your full potential as it pertains to intimacy.


Increase in Sexual Frequency


Dating Confidence


Conversations with S3XBOTS

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